Do Replacement Windows Pay for Themselves?

Jan 12, 2021

Do Replacement Windows Pay for ThemselvesReplacement windows are well-known for the energy efficiency benefits they provide to homeowners. If your current windows are drafty and looking the worse for wear, you may be wondering if you can truly receive a return on investment in energy-efficient windows. Will replacement windows pay for themselves? With the lower monthly energy bills you’re likely to enjoy with new windows installed, the answer can very well be yes.

How Energy-Efficient Windows Work

At Texas Pro Insulators, all of our replacement windows feature low-E glass that is optimized for the harsh Texas climate. This special glass is coated to reflect heat, thus preventing the hot summer air from entering your home and the warm air from your HVAC escaping your home in the winter. This benefit is amplified when the window is manufactured with two panes of low-E glass, separated by an insulating gas.

Maximizing Your Return on Investment

Texas Pro Insulators is the leading expert in home energy efficiency. We install replacement windows with the features noted above to help improve thermal performance. And while these windows will go a long way toward better energy efficiency, we also recommend looking to your attic for improvements. Most energy is wasted in a hot attic, particularly when the HVAC unit is installed there. As a solution, we can install reflective radiant barrier insulation. This product delivers exceptional energy savings of up to 35%. Combined with replacement windows, radiant barrier can help produce the return on investment you’re looking for.

Learn more about the energy-saving benefits of our replacement windows and other home energy efficiency solutions by contacting Texas Pro Insulators today.