The Best Insulation for Your Attic in San Antonio, TX

Best Insulation for Attic San Antonio TXIf you’re looking to add insulation to your attic in San Antonio, Texas, you may be wondering what the best option for the job is. You’ve probably heard of companies offering blown-in insulation and air sealing, but which provides you with the best insulation for your home? After all, if you are going to invest in insulation, you want to make sure you are getting a system that will pay for itself in energy savings.

The answer is The Perfect Attic System offered by Texas Pro Insulators. This is a five-part system that takes into account all of the factors in your attic that could affect your home’s energy efficiency. Homeowners who have our system installed at their home typically see a 25-35% reduction in their energy costs! That is much more than the 4-7% reduction that most competing companies can provide.

Learn About The Perfect Attic System

The Perfect Attic System is truly the best insulation for your attic because it encompasses everything needed to effectively insulate your home. It consists of five components:

Attic Air Sealing

The first thing we’ll do when installing The Perfect Attic System is seal any small holes in your ceiling with expanding foam. The typical Texas attic has dozens of small leaky holes around ceiling fans, light fixtures, and wherever there are wires, pipe, and conduits running up to the attic. These leaks will be sealed shut. This process will also help to minimize any dust or allergens in the air.

Reflective Radiant Barrier Insulation

This is the most important component of The Perfect Attic System. The radiant barrier features two layers of reflective radiant barrier sandwiching a third layer of conductive fiberglass insulation that reflect heat out of the attic roof and sidewalls, rather than slowing heat transfer like traditional insulation. Reflective radiant barriers are 97% effective at reflecting heat and can ultimately result in an attic that is 40-50 degrees cooler.

Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation

We also add blown-in fiberglass insulation to your attic. Our blown-in insulation is both formaldehyde-free and hypoallergenic, so you can rest assured that only the safest materials are being used in your home.

Attic Ventilation

We offer two options for attic ventilation. We can either add a ridge vent or install solar attic ventilation fans. Both systems work by removing the heat from the attic to help maintain a cooler temperature.

Programmable Thermostat

As a finishing touch to your Perfect Attic System, we will replace your existing thermostat with a programmable thermostat to help you manage your energy usage.

Additional Insulation Services Available

Additionally, as part of our system, we can add insulation to your water heater, pipes, exterior light switches and outlets, and the interior of your garage door. We can also install an insulated entryway canopy for your attic. When it comes to effectively insulating your home, we truly are the only name you need to know.

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