Radiant Barrier Installation for Your Home in San Antonio, TX

Radiant Barrier Installation San Antonio TXWhen most homeowners in San Antonio, Texas, think about adding insulation to their attics, they assume that the best—and only—option available to them is blown-in fiberglass insulation. What many don’t realize, however, is that another critical component of an effective attic insulation system is a reflective radiant barrier. If you’re interested in learning more about how reflective radiant barrier insulation can improve your home’s energy efficiency, Texas Pro Insulators is here to help.

Let’s start by understanding the conditions that make your home energy inefficient. The typical Texas attic routinely endures temperatures above 140 degrees, putting tremendous stress on the entire HVAC system and living spaces below. It’s as if the cold air coming from your HVAC system has run through an oven by the time it reaches the interior. Unfortunately, blowing insulation on the floor of your attic doesn’t solve this issue, as it doesn’t change the ambient temperature of the attic. So, what can you do?

The solution is reflective radiant barrier insulation. A radiant barrier addresses the true culprit behind your home’s energy loss, which is an attic that stays at an extremely hot temperature year-round.

About Reflective Radiant Barrier Insulation

Rather than slow the transfer of heat like other types of insulation, radiant barrier insulation instead reflects it. This barrier is triple layered, consisting of two layers of reflective Radiant Barrier sandwiching a third layer of conductive fiberglass insulation. This gives our product BOTH 97% reflective radiant blockage AND a conductive rating of R-15—all in one product!

When you have this type of insulation installed in your attic, heat gets reflected off the roof and attic sidewalls, encasing the attic in both a reflective and conductive barrier. In fact, radiant barrier insulation is 97% effective at reflecting heat. The end result? An attic that is routinely 40-50 degrees cooler. In turn, this will:

  • Allow your HVAC system to de-stress and blow colder air
  • Increase your comfort within your home
  • Result in an average decrease in energy costs of 25-35%

Thanks to the impressive energy savings that our radiant barrier can provide your home, this type of insulation essentially pays for itself. You’ll also probably notice that the one problematic room that always seems to be hotter or colder than the rest of your house will become more comfortable.

At Texas Pro Insulators, we believe that reflective radiant barrier insulation is the most important component for effectively insulating an attic. While we install this type of insulation as part of our Perfect Attic System, we can also install it as a standalone service. It’s all because we truly stand by this insulation and want you to reap the benefits it has to offer.

Let’s Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

To learn more about why reflective radiation barrier insulation is the ideal choice to improve the energy efficiency of your San Antonio, TX, home, contact Texas Pro Insulators today.

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