How Long Does Attic Insulation Last?

Jan 12, 2022

A well-insulated atticSo you’ve recently purchased an older home with an insulated attic, yet your monthly energy bills seem to be higher than they should be. Is there a chance that the attic insulation is no longer doing its job? Absolutely, and it’s important that you properly evaluate the situation in your attic to determine if new insulation is needed.

What Is the Lifespan of Insulation?

It depends on the product, and whether there are other issues, such as leaks and mold growth, that are impacting your attic. Insulation technology has come a long way in recent years, so the age of your current insulation will also play a factor in its effectiveness. Here are some common types of insulation and their expected lifespans:

  • Fiberglass – Probably the most commonly used type of attic insulation, especially in past years, fiberglass can last for up to a century. However, it can also break down and become less effective, and often needs to be replaced every 15 to 20 years.
  • Cellulose – Made from recycled paper, cellulose insulation can be effective for up to 30 years. However, it’s susceptible to moisture, mold, and pests, and should be evaluated regularly to see if it’s still getting the job done.
  • Spray foam – When properly installed, spray foam insulation can last indefinitely. However, it’s usually only used to fill cracks and gaps and might not provide a total solution.

Another possibility to be aware of: Even though you were told the attic of your home was properly insulated, the previous homeowner may have used whatever they could get their hands on (newspaper, clothing, etc.) to fill gaps. Obviously, this is not ideal.

The Local Attic Insulation Experts

If your current attic insulation situation is less than ideal, Texas Pro Insulators can help. We’re an attic insulation contractor that specializes in making homes more energy efficient thanks to our suite of superlative services.

Radiant Barrier Installation—A Proven Solution

If improved energy efficiency is your primary goal, reflective radiant barrier insulation is a great option. Featuring two layers of reflective radiant barrier surrounding a layer of conductive fiberglass insulation, this phenomenal product can reduce the sweltering temperatures in your attic by as much as 40 to 50 degrees, easing your HVAC system’s workload as it tries to maintain a comfortable interior temperature and reducing your monthly energy usage by as much as 35%.

Other Energy Efficient Products

As the premier attic insulation contractor in the area, Texas Pro Insulators offers more than radiant barrier insulation. In fact, radiant barrier is just one step in “The Perfect Attic System,” which also includes blown-in fiberglass insulation, attic air sealing, attic ventilation, and programmable thermostats. We also offer window replacement services that can help your home’s thermal performance. With our state-of-the-art solutions, you can say goodbye to your high monthly energy bills for good.

Would You Like to Learn More?

If you’d like additional information about the attic insulation solutions we offer to homeowners throughout South Central Texas, contact Texas Pro Insulators today. We’ll be happy to visit your home to answer your questions and provide a no-obligation estimate.