How Much Energy Does Radiant Barrier Save?

May 10, 2021

How Much Energy Does Radiant Barrier Save Radiant barrier is one of the most important products to invest in when it comes to improving home energy efficiency. Unlike fiberglass insulation, which insulates the interior of the home, radiant barrier insulates the attic against heat gain. Maintaining a cool attic is integral to helping your HVAC run more efficiently and delivering the energy savings you’re looking for.

Why a Hot Attic Is Bad for Your Home

When you think about how hot it gets in Texas during the warm months of the year, it’s not hard to believe that, without proper insulation and ventilation, the temperature inside your attic can soar up to 150 degrees. This trapped hot air can work against the efforts of your HVAC system as it tries to cool your home. And if your HVAC is located in your attic, it can also wear down more quickly as a result of constant exposure to these temperature extremes.

How Radiant Barrier Keeps the Attic Cool

Radiant barrier is installed along the attic’s ceiling and sidewalls to reflect heat out of your home. Working in conjunction with a properly sealed attic and attic vents, radiant barrier can dramatically reduce the interior temperature by as much as 50 degrees. This will allow your house to “destress” and your HVAC unit to run more efficiently.

The Result: Significant Energy Savings

At Texas Pro Insulators, we specialize in home energy efficiency and consider radiant barrier an essential product for improving the thermal performance of your home. The radiant barrier that we install features BOTH 97% reflective insulation and a conductive rating of R-13 in one superior product. After installing radiant barrier in our customers’ homes, we’ve seen energy savings of up to 35%, an extraordinary return on investment!

To learn more about the energy-saving benefits of radiant barrier or the other home energy efficiency solutions that comprise our “Perfect Attic System,” contact the experts at Texas Pro Insulators today.