Is Radiant Barrier Worth it in Texas?

Nov 25, 2020

Is Radiant Barrier Worth it in Texas

Keeping your attic cool is essential to maintaining an energy-efficient home, especially during the hot Texas summer months when attic temperatures can soar to 140 degrees and above. If you’re looking to have your attic insulated, you may have heard about radiant barrier. But, what exactly is this type of insulation and is it worth investing in?

A Proven Solution for Hot Attics

Radiant barrier differs from other types of attic insulation, such as blown-in fiberglass, by reflecting heat rather than slowing it. With two layers of reflective insulation sandwiching a layer of conductive insulation, radiant barrier is 97% effective at reflecting heat. This can result in a much cooler attic—40-50 degrees cooler, in fact!

Substantial Energy Savings

Most HVAC units are installed in the attic. By helping to keep your attic cool, radiant barrier can help destress your HVAC so that it runs more efficiently. This can result in an average decrease in energy costs of 25-35%. That’s a significant level of savings! And when you consider the impact this will have on your monthly energy bills, radiant barrier is certainly worth the costs as you’re sure to receive a return on investment.

Your Source for Radiant Barrier in South Central Texas

Texas Pro Insulators is the local expert in home energy efficiency. We’re honored to offer reflective radiant barrier insulation to our customers in the San Antonio, TX, area because we believe it to be the single most important product for superior attic insulation. To learn more about radiant barrier and its many benefits, contact Texas Pro Insulators today.