What Type of Blown-In Insulation Is Best?

Apr 28, 2022

Measuring the thickness of fiberglass insulation in the attic

Homeowners have long been searching for ways to insulate their homes against cold and heat, and some of the historical methods have included mud, cloth, cork, and asbestos. In modern times, the most common type of insulation used in residential attics was batts, which are rolled-up blankets of interwoven fibers. Made from fiberglass, mineral wool, or denim, batt insulation did a decent job but was difficult to install and usually left gaps where energy could escape.

Industry advancements eventually led to the process of blowing insulation into the attic instead of installing it in blankets. This made installation much faster and allowed for better coverage, as blown-in insulation reaches corners better and fills gaps that batts couldn’t.

Types of Blown-In Attic Insulation

Here’s an overview of the different types of blown-in insulation available on the market today:


Fiberglass has steadily grown in popularity and is the type of insulation that is most commonly found in today’s attics. It’s fairly inexpensive, highly accessible, and doesn’t shrink over time, and it also resists fire and moisture.


Cellulose is made from wood or recycled paper. While it is naturally flammable, it can be treated with chemicals that help it resist fire. On the downside, it’s extremely vulnerable to moisture and it tends to settle more than other insulation.


While not common, cotton insulation is usually made from recycled blue jeans. It has a surprisingly good R-value and it’s completely safe to handle and install.

Mineral wool

Made from melted stone and recycled slag from steel mills, mineral wool insulation is more expensive than other options but offers unmatched fire resistance.

While all of these options offer valuable benefits, it’s hard to beat the combination of performance, cost-effectiveness, and longevity offered by blown-in fiberglass attic insulation. Blown-in fiberglass is far and away the most popular choice in U.S. homes for good reason.

Trusted Home Energy Efficiency Experts

If your South Central Texas home needs upgraded attic insulation, look to the trusted professionals at Texas Pro Insulators. We’ve been providing solutions for local homeowners since 1996, and we’ve become home energy efficiency experts by staying on the cutting edge of the industry. We offer The Perfect Attic System, which features:

  • Attic air sealing – The first step in our five-part process is to seal any holes in your attic walls and ceiling with expanding foam that prevents air from escaping.
  • Blown-in fiberglass insulation – We’ll coat your attic with blown-in fiberglass insulation, ensuring that every nook and cranny is covered. And if your insulation ever settles, we’ll blow more in at no charge.
  • Reflective radiant barrier – Featuring two layers of reflective barrier around a layer of fiberglass insulation, this product is installed on the attic roof and sidewalls. It is 97% effective at reflecting heat and can reduce attic temperatures by as much as 50 degrees.
  • Attic ventilation – We’ll also ensure that your attic is receiving sufficient airflow. If necessary, we’ll install ridge vents or a solar attic ventilation fan.
  • A programmable thermostat – We’ll install a programmable thermostat that allows you to better manage your home’s energy usage.

Want to Learn More?

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