What Types of Roof Vents Work Best?

Nov 10, 2022

Carpenter applying caulk to ridge vent

Roof vents play an important role in improving the energy efficiency of your home. If you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s thermal performance, choosing the right roof vents can help. Roof vents can fall into one of two categories, based on how they function. They either work by removing old, stale air from the attic (exhaust roof vents) or by allowing fresh air to enter (intake roof vents).

Exhaust Roof Vents Remove Hot Air

One of the most common types of roof vents is the ridge vent. This exhaust roof vent is designed to allow hot air to flow out of your attic to the outdoors, helping to keep the attic a bit cooler. This type of roof vent sits at the peaks of your roof and will typically span most of your roofline. Since hot air rises, it makes sense for this type of exhaust vent to be at the highest point of your roof as it allows the hot air to flow naturally up and out of the attic.

Another common type of exhaust roof vent that’s highly effective is a solar attic fan. This type of attic ventilation is also designed to remove hot air from the attic so that cool air can enter and replace it. This solar-powered product doesn’t require wiring or electricity in the attic, which also contributes to a more effective and efficient product.

Intake Roof Vents Let Cool Air In

Just as it’s important to remove hot air from the attic, it’s also helpful to pull cool air into the attic. While most people don’t want to air condition their entire attic, pulling cooler air from outside can be an effective way to ensure proper airflow in the attic. Some of the most effective intake roof vent systems include soffit vents and drip edge vents. Soffit vents are located at the lowest external point of entry to the attic, where the air is coolest to let it in, just as roof vents are at the highest point to let hot air out. Drip edge vents are similar to normal drip edges along the roofline but with ventilation built in as well.

Turn to the Professional for Your Attic Ventilation

The best way to ensure you have attic ventilation is to turn to the professionals for a thorough energy assessment. From there, your attic ventilation company can help you understand any current issues and provide you with the ventilation and insulation options that will provide you with the best solution.

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