How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Home Windows

Jan 11, 2021

When to Replace Your Home WindowsWhen your home’s windows begin to deteriorate, their condition can do more than just affect curb appeal; it can also be detrimental to thermal performance. How do you know for sure when it’s time to have them replaced? Here are some key indicators:

They Are Drafty

If you can feel air moving through your window, even when it is closed, then your home is susceptible to heat transfer. This, in turn, can cause your HVAC unit to run more often as it warms or cools your home, with higher monthly energy bills being a likely result.

They Have Damaged Frames

Older homes may have wood windows. Wood degrades over time because of moisture infiltration and termite damage. If you don’t notice any visible damage, test to see how firm the frames are. If they feel soft, then they are likely at the end of their lifespan.

They Are Difficult to Operate

Do you have a hard time opening and closing your windows? If so, they may have broken down over the years, or they may have been installed incorrectly. Either way, your windows should effortlessly open and close, so if they don’t, it may be time to replace them.

They Have Condensation Between the Panes

Perhaps the most tell-tale clue that your windows have failed is condensation or frost between the glass panes. This indicates that there is a leak in your windows, which means they are allowing heat gain and loss.

Take the First Step Toward New Windows

If your windows are plagued by any of the above issues, consider investing in replacement windows from Texas Pro Insulators. Our windows are crafted with energy efficiency in mind and include state-of-the-art features such as two panes of low-emissivity glass that can help insulate your home and ease the workload of your HVAC machine. The result may be lower monthly energy bills.

For more information about our energy-efficient replacement windows, contact Texas Pro Insulators today.