Why Adding More Insulation Over Existing Attic Insulation Isn’t the Answer

Jan 12, 2021

Why More Insulation Over Existing Isn't the Answer

If you experience high monthly energy bills and you’re looking for a solution in the way of new insulation in your attic, you may be wondering if you can simply have new insulation installed over the old. The short answer is yes. However, if the goal of your project is to improve energy efficiency, you may want to also consider adding radiant barrier to your attic.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency

Most contractors do, in fact, install new fiberglass insulation over old insulation. But this will only improve comfort and energy efficiency by about 5% or less. A better approach would be to also have radiant barrier installed on the sidewalls and roof. With both new insulation and radiant barrier helping to insulate your home, you can expect energy savings of up to 25-35%, delivering the outcome you hope to achieve with your attic insulation project.

How Insulation & Radiant Barrier Work Together

Fiberglass insulation is conductive, meaning it slows heat transfer from your attic into your home, helping to keep the climate-controlled interior at a comfortable temperature with less work for your HVAC. Radiant barrier reflect heats and therefore helps to keep the attic cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is particularly beneficial if your HVAC unit is located in the attic as it will be able to run more efficiently. For the ultimate energy efficiency solution, it’s worth investing in both of these great products. Insulating Your Attic

At Texas Pro Insulators, we specialize in home energy efficiency. We install blown-in fiberglass insulation that is free of allergen-causing materials and has a lifetime R value guarantee. We can combine this with reflective radiant barrier insulation to help keep your attic cool and deliver exceptional energy savings. Both products are key to our “Perfect Attic System,” which also includes air sealing and ventilation. For more information, contact us today.