The Benefits of Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation for Homeowners in Buda, TX

Texas residents have been asked to cut their home energy use to reduce the burden on the state’s power grid, and you undoubtedly want to do your part. But you’re not looking forward to spending time in 80-degree temperatures inside your home during the summer. If you’re in the Buda area, you have an alternative: Turn to Texas Pro Insulators for installation of energy-saving radiant barrier insulation in your attic.

Exactly What Is Radiant Barrier Insulation?

The eShield radiant barrier insulation we expertly install for Buda homeowners consists of two layers of heat-reflective materials with a third layer of fiberglass insulation between the two. The radiant barrier materials reflect about 97% of the solar heat that invades your attic through the roof, while the fiberglass insulation traps any heat that gets past the radiant barrier and keeps it from infiltrating into your attic space.

This means the hot summer sun won’t turn your attic into an overhead oven that pushes heat through your ceiling into your living areas below, causing your home cooling system to constantly cycle on as it tries to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. The result? You’ll be able to lower your home energy use without depriving your family of cool relief from the heat. You may also see up to a 35% decrease in your home cooling costs and prevent the premature replacement of your HVAC unit due to excessive wear and tear.

The Company to Trust for High-Performance Attic Insulation

Texas Pro Insulators has been the go-to attic insulation company in the Buda area for many years, and we’re the exclusive dealer of eShield attic insulation products in the south central Texas area. We highly recommend eShield’s Perfect Attic System, which includes radiant barrier insulation along with blown-in fiberglass insulation, attic ventilation options, and other components that will transform your attic from a troublemaker to a team player when it comes to energy efficiency. If you’re on a budget, though, you can get radiant barrier insulation installed on its own, and it will provide significant energy savings.

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