Radiant Barrier Facts From the Top Attic Insulation Company Serving Homeowners in Converse, TX

Have soaring electric bills and pleas from public officials to cut your home energy usage got you looking into ways to keep your home cooler during the broiling hot days of summer? If so, you’ve probably heard about radiant barrier insulation, and now you’re exploring whether to have it installed in the attic of your home in the Converse, Texas, area. Texas Pro Insulators is the go-to attic insulation company in this region, and we’ll be glad to tell you about the benefits you’ll get when you choose us to expertly install radiant barrier insulation in your attic.

How Does Radiant Barrier Insulation Work?

Texas Pro Insulators is proud to be the exclusive local dealer of eShield attic insulation products. The eShield radiant barrier insulation we install comprises three layers of materials: two layers of heat-reflective radiant barrier material with a third layer of heat-absorbing fiberglass insulation in between. These two types of heat reduction technology combine to effectively prevent your attic from overheating during the summer, and they also help prevent heat from escaping during the winter.

This not only translates into lower energy bills for our customers—up to 35% lower, in fact—but it can also reduce the strain on your HVAC system, which is likely to help it last longer with less need for costly repairs.

An Effective Choice—On Its Own or as Part of The Perfect Attic System

If you’re looking to maximize the energy efficiency benefits of having attic insulation installed, we highly recommend that you choose eShield’s Perfect Attic System. This is a combination of attic insulation solutions that includes radiant barrier, blown-in fiberglass, a choice of attic fans or roof ridge vents, and a programmable thermostat. However, even if you opt for radiant barrier insulation alone, you’ll still be getting a highly effective and affordable energy-saving solution.

Would you like to learn more about the radiant barrier attic insulation and other energy-saving solutions we install for homeowners throughout the Converse area? Contact Texas Pro Insulators today, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and schedule a free consultation if you want to explore your options with us.

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