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You’re always careful to manage energy usage at your home in Floresville, Texas, but despite your best efforts, your monthly energy bills always seem high. It makes sense, then, that you’re looking for ways to make energy efficiency home improvements. At Texas Pro Insulators, our team can help by installing The Perfect Attic System from eShield. This comprehensive solution features:

  • Blown-in fiberglass insulation that includes a lifetime R-value guarantee
  • Radiant barrier with BOTH 97% reflective insulation and a conductive rating of R-13
  • Attic sealing to fully seal the interior of your home against heat transfer to and from the attic
  • Attic ventilation, including solar attic fans that are subsidized with a 26% tax credit
  • A programmable thermostat that allows you to operate your HVAC system according to a preset schedule

With The Perfect Attic System from Texas Pro Insulators installed in your home, you can expect a significant return on investment in the way of monthly energy savings. In fact, our customers typically see a reduction of 25–35% in energy usage after our attic insulation solutions are installed.

Other Solutions From Trusted Energy Efficiency Specialists

Another key step toward a more energy-efficient home is upgrading the windows and patio doors. Aging windows can leak, allowing drafts that can work against the efforts of your HVAC system as it tries to warm or cool your home. Our high-performance replacements feature low-E glass that is formulated to reflect heat, better insulating your home against heat transfer.

For more information about the energy efficiency home improvements that we can make to your home in Floresville, TX, contact Texas Pro Insulators today.

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