Man installing radiant barrier insulation Improve Energy Efficiency With Radiant Barrier Insulation in Your Floresville, TX, Home

Are you frustrated with a struggling HVAC system and sky-high energy bills? If so, we at Texas Pro Insulators are here to help. We offer radiant barrier insulation for your attic, which many Floresville, TX, homeowners are surprised to learn is a far more effective solution than blown-in fiberglass insulation. Allow us to boost the energy efficiency of your home, improve the comfort level of your living space, and help save you money on your energy bills long-term.

How Does Radiant Barrier Insulation Work?

First, it’s important to understand the factors that contribute to poor home energy efficiency and high cooling costs. In South Central Texas, the scorching summer sun can heat up an attic space to 140 degrees or more. This extreme heat can then transfer through your ceiling into your living space, adding to the heat transferred through the exterior walls and windows from the hot outdoor air and sun. Additionally, most HVAC systems live in the attic, and 140-degree temperatures stress the units themselves because any cold air they produce essentially runs through an oven before reaching your living space.

Radiant barrier insulation solves this issue by reflecting heat out through the roof and sidewalls, preventing the attic from reaching those outrageously hot temperatures in the first place. In fact, with a 97% efficiency rating at reflecting radiant heat, this type of insulation can keep your attic 40-50 degrees cooler than an attic without a radiant barrier. As a result:

  • Stress on your HVAC system is reduced so it can produce colder air with less work
  • Your HVAC system won’t guzzle as much electricity
  • Your cooling bill can be decreased substantially – by 25-35% on average

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