Radiant Barrier—a Phenomenal Product for Improving Home Energy Efficiency in Fredericksburg, TX

Radiant Barrier Fredericksburg TX Maintaining an energy-efficient home starts with the attic. It is vitally important to keep the attic cool if you want to maximize thermal performance, which is why the home energy efficiency specialists at Texas Pro Insulators proudly install radiant barrier. This outstanding product solves the problem of a hot attic and can deliver substantial energy savings to homeowners in the Fredericksburg, Texas, area.

Why a Cool Attic Is Important

If you think about how hot your attic can get in the warmest months of the year, it’s almost like there’s an open oven sitting atop your home. Most homes have HVAC units installed in the attic—you can see how this can be problematic if your attic isn’t cooled, as extreme temperatures can cause your HVAC to run more often and potentially overheat. The radiant barrier that Texas Pro Insulators installs contains 97% reflective AND conductive insulation for the best possible attic-cooling results. In fact, our radiant barrier can reduce the temperature inside your attic by as much as 50 degrees.

More Efficient Energy Usage

With your HVAC unit able to operate in a cooler environment, it’ll have an easier time maintaining a comfortable interior temperature. This, in turn, can lead to a decrease in energy usage and a significant increase of as much as 25-35% in energy savings. Consider how quickly those monthly savings can add up over time, and it’s easy to see why our radiant barrier delivers such an impressive return on investment.

Other Energy-Saving Products

While we consider radiant barrier to be our most important offering, it is only one product making up a “Perfect Attic System” of proven-effective solutions. To learn more about radiant barrier and the other home energy efficiency products that we offer to homeowners in the Fredericksburg, TX, area, contact Texas Pro Insulators today.

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