Make Your Hondo, TX, Home More Energy Efficient With Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barrier Hondo TX Having your house properly insulated is the first step toward home energy efficiency. And while traditional blown-in fiberglass insulation is important, so too is radiant barrier from Texas Pro Insulators. Rather than insulate the interior of your home, radiant barrier insulation reflects heat out of your attic, which can go a long way toward reducing energy usage at your home in the Hondo, Texas, area.

Why a Cool Attic Is Important to Home Energy Efficiency

During the hottest seasons of the year, the temperature inside your attic can reach 140 degrees or more. When you let that sink in, it’s easy to see how your HVAC unit can run more than it needs to while trying to cool your home. After all, it’s battling extreme temperatures from what may as well be an open oven on top of your home. Keeping the attic space cool will drastically reduce the amount of work required by your HVAC unit, which can deliver significant energy savings.

Benefits of Radiant Barrier Installation

When you partner with Texas Pro Insulators to help improve the energy efficiency of your home, we’ll install radiant barrier along your attic’s ceiling and sidewalls. To help with its efforts in cooling your attic, we can also install vents or attic fans. Once installation is complete, our solutions will help cool your attic by as much as 50 degrees. Oftentimes, we see energy savings of up to 35% as a result for homeowners who chose our radiant barrier.

Why Choose Us

Yes, there are other contractors that offer radiant barrier. But unlike their product, our radiant barrier features BOTH 97% reflective radiant insulation and a conductive rating of R-13 in one exceptional solution!

To learn more about the energy-saving benefits of radiant barrier and why we recommend this product above all others for Hondo, TX, homes, contact Texas Pro Insulators today.

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