Radiant Barrier Insulation Helps Homeowners Beat the Heat in New Braunfels, TX

Summers are sizzling hot in New Braunfels, Texas, and if you’re like many homeowners, you picture dollar signs escaping your wallet every time your cooling system cycles on. But the brutal sun is not your only enemy. Chances are that your attic is collecting solar heat and hanging onto it like it’s time to bake your favorite pie up there.

This oven-like phenomenon doesn’t just make your attic an unbearable space to be in. The oppressive heat will penetrate your ceiling and invade your living areas, thus forcing your HVAC unit to work harder to cool your home. Fortunately, Texas Pro Insulators, an attic insulation company that serves the New Braunfels area, has the ideal solution: expert installation of radiant barrier insulation.

What Does Radiant Barrier Insulation Do?

When the sun takes aim at your roof all day, it’s not just your rooftop that gets hot, hot, hot. Your roofing materials will absorb the heat, and the underside of your roof—the part that you’d see in your attic if you went up there—will also get hot and radiate heat into your attic space. Radiant barrier materials are designed to reflect that incoming heat, dramatically reducing the high temperatures that can build in an attic during the course of a sunny day. In fact, when we install our radiant barrier insulation—which consists of two layers of reflective material sandwiching a third layer of fiberglass insulation—our customers can see an average decrease in energy costs of 25% to 35%.

How to Get Radiant Barrier Insulation for Your New Braunfels Home

Texas Pro Insulators is the exclusive dealer of eShield attic insulation products in south central Texas. When you turn to us for attic insulation installation, you can get radiant barrier insulation expertly installed on its own or as part of eShield’s Perfect Attic System (which we highly recommend). When you opt for The Perfect Attic System, we’ll outfit your attic with not only reflective radiant barrier insulation but also:

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