How Will Installing a Radiant Barrier Affect My San Antonio, TX, Home?

Before analyzing the effects a radiant barrier will have on your San Antonio, Texas, home, it’s important to ensure you fully understand what it is and how it works. Radiant barrier is a type of insulation made from highly reflective material and is usually installed in attics. It can be retrofitted over the insulation you currently have; or, if you are building a new home or need to completely replace your current insulation, there are products that provide both insulation and a reflective barrier, all in one. While regular insulation works to reduce conductive and convective heat transfer into and out of your home, it does not offer any protection against radiation – ordinary insulation just absorbs radiant heat. A radiant barrier, on the other hand, reflects the majority of the sun’s radiation. Since radiant heat transfer is the leading cause of residential energy loss, this can make a great impact on your home, especially in San Antonio’s warm climate.

If you have a quality radiant barrier product installed in your home’s attic, you will be protecting your home against all three forms of heat transfer. This helps keep the hot air from coming in during the summer and also prevents warm air from escaping your home on colder days. With your home’s interior temperature being controlled more effectively, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard, which means that you’ll likely see a notable reduction in your heating and cooling expenses.

If you live in the San Antonio, TX, area and are interested in having radiant barrier insulation installed, contact Texas Pro Insulators. We’re a local home improvement company that offers an exclusive line of Bella Foil™ reflective insulation. We have served area residents for years and proudly maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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