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Attic Ventilation San Marcos TX

While there are many factors that affect home energy efficiency, the temperature inside the attic is one of the most important. A hot attic can work against the efforts of your HVAC unit as it works to cool your home and is one of the biggest contributors of high monthly energy bills. If you’re concerned that your attic isn’t properly equipped for energy efficiency, turn to Texas Pro Insulators for a solution. One of our many offerings for homeowners in San Marcos, Texas, is attic ventilation, which can help remedy a hot attic and the issues that come with it.

How We Can Ventilate Your Attic

To keep hot air out of your attic, we offer two types of attic vents for insulation: ridge vents and solar fans. Here’s how they each function:

Ridge Vents

Installed along the ridge of the roofline, these vents allow heat to naturally rise out of the attic. Not only do ridge vents help keep the attic cool, but they also help prolong the lifespan of the roof.

Solar Fans

Our solar fans suck hot air out of the attic and pull cool air in. And because they’re solar powered, they have no negative impact on your energy usage. If those benefits weren’t enough, our solar attic ventilation fans are also subsidized with a 26% tax credit!

Other Ways to Keep Your Attic Cool

At Texas Pro Insulators, attic ventilation is just one of a suite of solutions called “The Perfect Attic System” that we can provide for your home. Other products include radiant barrier and blown-in insulation. When installed together, these updates can work wonders for home energy efficiency and deliver significant energy savings.

To learn more about the attic ventilation products we offer to homeowners in the San Marcos, TX, area, contact Texas Pro Insulators today.

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