Have Fiberglass Attic Insulation Installed in Your San Marcos, TX, Home

Fiberglass insulation being installedIf the HVAC system in your San Marcos, Texas, home is having to work overtime to maintain a consistent interior temperature, your attic could be a big part of the problem. A poorly insulated attic allows heat to escape into your home’s interior, putting added strain on your HVAC system. One easy solution to this problem is to let Texas Pro Insulators install energy-efficient fiberglass insulation in your attic. We’re home energy-efficiency specialists who have been exceeding the expectations of local homeowners since 1996, and we’d love the opportunity to provide the improved thermal performance that your home needs.

Our Approach to Effective Attic Insulation

We offer the five-part Perfect Attic System, which utilizes different components to address all of the factors in your attic that could affect your home’s energy efficiency. It includes:

  • Blown-in fiberglass attic insulation – Our blown-in attic insulation provides excellent coverage, is free of allergens and carcinogens, and comes with a lifetime R-value guarantee.
  • Attic air sealing – We’ll use expanding foam to seal any small holes that could allow air to escape.
  • Reflective radiant barrier – We’ll install two layers of reflective radiant barrier around a layer of fiberglass insulation on the attic roof and sidewalls.
  • Attic ventilation – We’ll ensure that your roof has sufficient ridge vents and solar attic vents.
  • A programmable thermostat – A programmable thermostat will help you manage your energy usage.

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“From first contact with Nick I knew I would be getting great service. He explained the benefits of proper attic insulation and I am beyond satisfied with the end result.”

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