Radiant Barrier—the Optimal Product for Improving Energy Efficiency at Your Home in San Marcos, TX

Radiant Barrier San Marcos TXSummer in Texas means warm weather, scattered storms, and… high energy bills. And while we can’t do much for the climate, at Texas Pro Insulators, we can help with excessive energy usage by installing radiant barrier in your attic. What is radiant barrier? A reflective insulating material that can help keep your attic cool, which in turn can help your HVAC run more efficiently, resulting in significant energy savings.

Why Keeping Your Attic Cool Is Important

With outside temperatures soaring in the summer months and the warm Texas sun bearing down on your home, the temperature inside your attic can get quite high. Picture a hot attic as an open oven atop your house—it’s easy to see how it can work against the efforts of your HVAC unit. And when you consider that the attic is a space where HVACs are commonly installed, the issues can multiply as an overheated HVAC won’t work as effectively and can even break down.

Installing Radiant Barrier

When you turn to Texas Pro Insulators, we’ll install radiant barrier along your attic’s sidewalls and roof. This insulating material will then reflect the heat out of your attic, helping to lower the temperature by as much as 50 degrees. This drop in attic temperature can result in substantial energy savings—up to 35%—and therefore delivers an impressive return on investment.

The Perfect Attic System

At Texas Pro Insulators, we offer radiant barrier as one of a suite of products called “The Perfect Attic System.” Manufactured by eShield, this system also includes blown-in fiberglass insulation, air sealing, attic ventilation, and a programmable thermostat, and can go a long way toward driving down your monthly energy bills. While we offer radiant barrier as a standalone product, we recommend having the entire system installed for the best results.

For more information about how reflective radiant barrier can improve the energy efficiency of your home in the San Marcos, TX, area, contact the experts at Texas Pro Insulators today.

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